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What's this coin thing?
We call it a Star coin. It’s worth a dollar. It’s a way to show your appreciation to the stars for making the time to share your special occasion. Spend wisely!

안녕하세요 디제이 오즈그린입니다.
스타리를 통해서 팬 분들과 소통할 수 있게 되어서 정말 기쁩니다! 저에게 궁금하신 점들이나 듣고 싶은 메세지가 있으시다면 편하게 신청해주세요!

Hi, it’s DJ OZGREEN. 
I am so excited to be meeting you all through Stari! If you have anything to ask or hear from me, please send a Stari request!

こんにちは、DJ OZGREENです。
Stariを通じてファンの方々とお話できるようになって本当に嬉しいです! 私に聞きたいことやメッセージがあったら気軽に申し込んでください!