Kpop Idol / H.B.Y / UNB

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What's this coin thing?
We call it a Star coin. It’s worth a dollar. It’s a way to show your appreciation to the stars for making the time to share your special occasion. Spend wisely!

안녕하세요 마르코입니다. 평소 저에게 궁금한점이나 응원메세지 요청해주시면 스타리를 통해서 영상으로 찾아뵙겠습니다.

Hi guys its Marco. Send requests on Stari for cheer ups, shoutouts or anything you want to hear from me! 

こんにちは。マルコです。普段、私に気になっていたことや応援メッセージをリクエストしてくだされば、 STARIを通して映像で会いに行きます。