Kpop Idol / PIXY

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안녕하세요 픽시의 차도녀 로라입니다!!
winxy!!!저와 예쁜 추억 만들 준비 되셨겠죠~? 스타리에서 픽시와 함께해요!💜

Hi, I’m Lola, charm and attraction of PIXY.
winxy!! Are you guys ready to make great stories together? Come and have fun with PIXY at Stari 💜

こんにちは。PIXYの冷たい都市の女ローラです!! winxy!!! 私と綺麗な思い出を作る準備はできましたよね~?STARIでPIXYと一緒に過ごしましょう! 💜


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