About Stari

'STARI' is a global entertainment tech platform by Three Ducks, Inc. headquartered in New York.

'STARI' is a marketplace for unique fan experiences that connects stars and fans through personal stories. Tell your favorite star your own story, and the star will respond with a video message just for you. Plus, this interaction will benefit charity organizations around the globe.

'STARI' brings you the experience you’ve been dreaming of. Your favorite star will answer that question you’ve always been wondering about or leave you a message that will make your day. You can also gift this blissful moment to your family, friends, and loved ones when there is something to celebrate, someone to encourage, or really whenever you want.

'STARI' will break the status quo and create a whole new global entertainment ecosystem where:

  • global stars and fans can build mutually beneficial relationships
  • artists can gain exposure to not only their local fans but broader fan base around the globe
  • stars around the globe can discover and collaborate with each other
  • fans can interact with their favorite stars regardless of where they are from
  • celebrity-fan engagement can benefit the society through charity

'STARI' is always looking for global artists to partner with. Please email onboarding@stari.io

Managed by Homer, Ace, and Duck

Developed by Ace, Eva, Gamja, and Gin

Talent Contact by Duck, Ace and Luffy