What is STARI?
Stari is a personalized video message service that allows you to communicate with your favorite artists, actors, singers, comedians, and athletes through video messages. You can receive personalized video messages for different occasions such as:

  • Celebration video for your birthday
  • Gift video for a friend from his/her favorite artist
  • Question and answer video from your favorite artist
  • Feedback or advice video from your favorite artist

The length of the produced video is between 15 and 60 seconds.

How are donations made?
When a user purchases a video from the artist, a part of the artist's revenue is donated in the name of the 'artist'.

How can I use the requested video message?
The video created by the artist can be shared on social media for 'personal' use. However, the video cannot be 'commercial'. If you mention that you want your video to be private, the video will be only sent to your private email and will not be shared to the public, unless you do so.

How long does it take to receive the requested video message?
On average, videos are delivered within 14 days considering the artist’s busy schedule and will be eligible for a refund if the deadline has passed.

Can I modify what I have requested?
After the message is received on the platform, the content cannot be modified.

What kind of files can I attach to my Stari video request?
You can attach 1 file to each Stari request. Note that the file will be sent as is to the artist with no modifications or translations. If a file is corrupted and cannot be opened, the request will be rejected and the customer will be refunded.

Supported file formats/size limit:

  • Image: jpg, png (up to 5MB)
  • Video: mp4 (up to 150MB)
  • Text: pdf (up to 500KB)
  • Audio: m4a (up to 5MB)

Can Stari video requests be rejected?
The artists or Stari can decide whether the request and/or attached files are appropriate in terms of length and content. Offensive content, illegal content, and other content that are considered rude to the artist can be rejected by Stari or the artist and the customer will be refunded. Message to artists must remain in the “Message” field on the Stari order page. Any message, such as remarks, questions or requests addressed to the artists, found in file attachments may result in the rejection and refund of that Stari order.

Artist account deactivation
Artists are engaged in many activities. For large projects or situations where artists need to focus or relax, they can disable profile requests. Please note that during this period, requests for video messages to artists are restricted.

Can I get a refund if I am unhappy with the video message I received?
Produced video messages are non-refundable. Please refer to the published video message or introductory video of the artist you are requesting and purchase carefully.

Where can I contact Stari?
For any inquiries, please email help@stari.io.