Kim Eunbi


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안녕하세요, 은비입니다! 저는 싱어송라이터로 지금 활동하고 있어요 😊 앞으로 스타리를 통해 여러분들과 가까워지고 싶어요! 저에게 궁금한 거, 듣고 싶은 말, 축하 메시지 등 무엇이든 건네주세요 😊 그럼 곧 만나요!

Hi everyone! This is Eunbi (EB)! I am a singer-songwriter in Korea. I want to get close to a lot of people through STARI! Ask for questions about me, messages you want to hear from me, celebration messages, etc., anything is welcome! I hope to see you soon!


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