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What's this coin thing?
We call it a Star coin. It’s worth a dollar. It’s a way to show your appreciation to the stars for making the time to share your special occasion. Spend wisely!

안녕하세요! 걸그룹 4x (포엑스)의 메인 보컬에서 지금은 가수 겸 언어 성우로서 활동중인 박재은, 재니 (JAENY)라고 합니다.
스타리에서 만나 뵙게 되어서 정말 반갑습니다! 언제나 밝은 에너지 뿜뿜! 드리도록 노력하겠습니다. 감사합니다 😊

Hi everyone! My name is JAENY! I was a former main vocal at the K-Pop group 4x (포엑스). Now I’m working as a singer and voice actor.
I’m thrilled to meet you guys through Stari! I will always motivate you and make your day happier. Thank you!