Lee Sol


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What's this coin thing?
We call it a Star coin. It’s worth a dollar. It’s a way to show your appreciation to the stars for making the time to share your special occasion. Spend wisely!

안녕하세요. 이솔입니다!
스타리에서 함께 하는 만큼!
제게 궁금한 점이나, 노래, Q&A도 환영합니다!
들려주고 싶은 노래나 듣고 싶은 노래도 신청해주세요.

Hi everyone! I’m Lee Sol!
It is more than welcome to receive any questions about me, a brief Q&A session about music, etc.
If you have any song that you would like me to sing for you or your friends, please request it!
Thank you!


If you allow us to share your Stari video, it may be featured here!