Kpop Idol / PIXY

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What's this coin thing?
We call it a Star coin. It’s worth a dollar. It’s a way to show your appreciation to the stars for making the time to share your special occasion. Spend wisely!

안녕하세요 픽시의 해피바이러스 수아입니다!
우리 Winxy~ 해피 바이러스 받을 준비 되셨나요?
스타리에서 픽시와 예쁜 추억 많이 쌓아보아요✨💕

Hi! I’m Sua, happiness of PIXY!
Are all the Winxy ready to get my happiness power?
Come and tell me about you and ask about us through Stari! ✨💕

こんにちは。 PIXYのハッピーウイルス、スアです!
STARI PIXYと綺麗な思い出をたくさん作りましょう ✨💕


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